Statement on Senate Committee Approval to Allow FDA to Regulate Tobacco

Published August 2, 2007

(Chicago, IL – August 2, 2007) On Wednesday, August 1, a U.S. Senate committee approved FDA regulation of tobacco products. The following statement about that decision is from Trevor Martin, government relations director for The Heartland Institute. You may quote from this statement or contact Martin directly at 312/377-4000, email [email protected], for further comment.

“Support for regulation of tobacco products by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is misguided at best, and dangerous public policy at worst.

“FDA already is struggling in its mission to ensure the safety and efficacy of new drugs and medical devices. Adding to the agency’s burden by requiring tobacco regulation would serve only to distract it further.

“Even FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach has publicly opposed forcing FDA to regulate tobacco, because since there is no safe use of tobacco, FDA’s mission to ensure safety would be compromised–and the agency may find itself forced in to supporting an all-out ban of tobacco products in the future, should such a proposal be offered before Congress.”

For more information on FDA regulation of tobacco, see The Heartland Institute’s May 2007 Research & Commentary on FDA tobacco regulation.

For more information about The Heartland Institute, please contact Harriette Johnson, media relations manager, at 312/377-4000, email [email protected].