Steyer-Money Environmentalists Confuse Vancouvers

Published November 3, 2017

Leftists are…a bit challenged when it comes to facts and details. Which makes their extreme passion about their ideology – and insistently imposing it upon all of us – at once amusing…and dangerous.

One of the Leftists’ MANY shortcomings – is geography. Far too frequently, they simply do not know where there are. Or they aren’t where they think they are. Or they don’t know where they are supposed to be. To wit:

Oops: Chicago Occupiers Try to Protest Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Office’…but Get City Wrong:

“A crowd of Occupy (Wall Street) protesters in Chicago (Illinois) descended on Rush Limbaugh’s ‘office’ Thursday to air their grievances about the conservative radio host.

“The problem? Despite their references to ‘Rush’s office building’ and ‘Rush Limbaugh’s studio,’ they weren’t in the right place – not by more than 1,000 miles.”

Limbaugh broadcasts…out of south Florida.

Also, Leftists apparently don’t understand the concept of radio syndication.

This week, Leftists again had a problem with accurate map assessment.

I would call this “A Tale of Two Cities” – but I am fairly sure most of these clowns have never read the original.

This wasn’t the best of plans – it was the worst of plans.

Vancouver, B.C.’s Port Race Looks Strangely Similar to Vancouver, Wash.:

“The race for port commissioner in Vancouver, British Columbia looks strangely similar to the same race in Vancouver, Wash.

“At least that’s the takeaway from a recent campaign mailer from the Washington Conservation Voters political action committee, which has taken an interest in the race.

“In Vancouver, Wash., the race for port commissioner is between Don Orange, an opponent of a proposed oil terminal, and Kris Greene, who has said he wants to see the review process for the project seen through.

“The cover of the WCV mailer features a scenic picture of Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, B.C. According to the mailer, there are two candidates running for port commissioner in Vancouver, B.C. who, astoundingly, have the same names and are running on the same issues. They even look exactly alike!

“Maybe this is proof that we’ve slipped into some sort of parallel dimension where America’s Vancouver is Canada’s Vancouver. Maybe everyone is really polite, says “aboot” and “oot” and salutes President Trudeau under the star-spangled maple leaf flag. It sounds strange but this race has already been so strange.

“It’s also entirely possible that the Seattle-based WCV accidentally used a picture of the wrong Vancouver.”

The environmentalists want so bad to stop some oil terminal at some port in some Vancouver. But their profound befuddlement – has yet again left their execution wanting.

The good news is – there has been at least some improvement in their accuracy. Five years ago, they were 1,100 miles off on Limbaugh. Their incorrect Vancouver – is only 307 miles from the actual Vancouver in question. They’re honing it in.

Fortunately for them – there aren’t any Vancouvers in, say, Australia.

We have twice previously looked at this Port Authority race. Because it is a microcosm of several broader political points.

This race is a local battle in the Left’s broader War on Oil – as demonstrated by the aforementioned ridiculous Left attempt to execute a political mailer about it. They want to stop oil any way they can – at any point along the supply route.

And this race yet again demonstrates the Media’s long-ago-conducted merger with Left.

Begin with the fact that Vancouver, WASHINGTON’S local paper – The Columbian – has endorsed…wait for it…Democrat Don Orange. Shocker, I know.

The Columbian did in fact publish the above mailer fiasco story. But NOT in their regular electronic pages. They instead consigned it to their blog backwaters.

Had Republican Greene screwed up this spectacularly – I am quite sure The Columbian would have considered it more than merely blog material.

And as we have chronicled, this is just the latest in a long history of Columbian media malpractice in the race.

The Columbian has been a story-after-story open channel for a deeply flawed individual by the name of Robert Sabo:

“Start with the fact- that Sabo is a convicted felon: “Sabo’s 1997 conviction for a first-degree felony for robbing Sabo’s father’s Texaco station north of Orchards the year prior….”

“Get that? Sabo robbed…his dad. Nice guy.

“Bizarrely, Sabo was once doing some work for the Greene campaign. Sabo built the campaign’s initial website. Then…something happened. Suddenly, Sabo was a whirling dervish of acrimony against Greene and Greene’s campaign. It rapidly descended into such craziness – that Greene was forced to file a restraining order against Sabo.

“But Hell hath no fury like a Sabo scorned. The restraining order – didn’t restrain Sabo from turning in his rancor to The Columbian. And despite Sabo’s sordid and obviously conflicted past – The Columbian was more than thrilled to print anything Sabo had to say about Greene.”

No compunction or hesitation on the part of The Columbian in using this obviously conflicted person as a repeat source for stories. He’s bashing the Republican – so nothing else matters.

And this is the second time The Columbian has referenced the Washington Conservation Voters – without mentioning billionaire Tom Steyer.

A man who made so much of his massive coin in oil. And then turned to bite the hand that’s fed him – by spending hundreds of millions of dollars on anti-oil Leftist environmental nonsense.

Including giving $750,000 to…wait for it…Washington Conservation Voters.

The very same group that just royally screwed up their aforementioned political flyer in the aforementioned Vancouver, WASHINGTON Port Authority race.

The very same group…that also gave Democrat Orange $290,000.

How The Columbian can repeatedly write about this Port Authority race, Democrat candidate Orange and Washington Conservation Voters’ hundreds of thousands of dollars of Orange support – all while not mentioning Steyer – is more than a little bizarre.

But this is the low point at which the Media-Left has arrived.

They don’t know where they are – and they don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing.

But they think they absolutely know what is best for all of us.

And they will have government force our subjugation to it.

Because they care.

And because they are so very, very smart.

[Originally Published at RedState]