Straight Into Darkness

Published September 19, 2022

On July 7th, I put this post on

The man-made part of this is the absurd energy policies of the west to fight a phony climate war. I made that clear. We are seeing major media outlets now echoing what was said here. Remember it’s not a ripple, it is a tidal wave that is forming.

Here is a question for all you agenda-driven elites that have backed us in the corner (stop yapping about it being Putin when you laughed at Trump, you handed him the keys to this and it was just a matter of time. No one is laughing now).  While you sit there and pontificate about how bad it is going to get because of your phony climate change, can IT GET ANY WORSE THAN YOU HAVE MADE IT ALREADY? The answer is yes.

Never mind the aspects listed in the blog above. The tidal wave will roar thru every other sector of European, and then US life. Just how the heck is the industry going to run in the winter? What is going to happen if the cold winter I see other people are now talking about, yet another following by others what my company has been warning people about after the heat we warned people about this year. If you have been following along you can see how these dominoes are fallingwhen planes can’t fly because of the lack of de-icing material, and roads can’t be cleared. The potential is that you have returned Europe to pre-industrial times! Which is likely the goal given what is going on.

And to the people in Europe waking up now though likely too late-why do you keep electing people that do this to you? Europeans are smart people, yet the history of the continent continues to be searching for a way to self-destruct for some reason. Look at your history.

Is there hope? There is always hope. Perhaps people will awake to what Reagan, then Trump said about relying on Russian energy. Perhaps they will realize that ESG has other countries like China laughing at the west as they build a coal plant a day, while the western leaders send their populations into the abyss.

This may not be the misery of what other despots before have done to Europe. But it shares in common massive misery caused by people that Europeans as a whole have allowed being put in powerthat America has completely forfeited its role, and then turns around and blames Trump, Covid, Putin, climate, the man on the moon, you name itfor the misery that is self-inflicted and is plainly originating with this phony climate war, speaks volumes about the decay of the west.

The ultimate irony,  If you read the writings of the west’s biggest adversaries, they note with disdain that decay. Solzhenitsyn spoke about it 4 decades ago once he got out of the Gulag, warning us. But even people that hate us, note it.

Well, this is a different kind of Gulag. And the west has no one to blame but themselves. You fight phony issues and the populace accepts, then you get the leaders you deserve. There is no excuse for this. There is no rational way to explain it except the acceptance of a phony issue and abdication of individual will and spirit among enough people to subject themselves to this.

In the 1930s, no one would do anything or resist when thousands, then millions of innocent people were enslaved and then butchered for some so-called higher ideal (heck we had sympathizers in the highest echelons of power here in the US and in Europe).  There are no trains carrying people away here (Myy my, what progress we have made in being more civil in our enslavement of people). Heck, they probably would not be able to run in the winter anyway this year.  This is of different nature while physical deaths will not be as great ( though certainly, people being cold is likely to enhance the death ratemaybe Dr. Fauci can get us a vaccine for that), the destruction of the human spirit and the enslavement to a system of countless people wishing for a better life and seeing that chance being killed has evolved. This used a phony climate war for some mythical higher calling. With the Nazis, it was the thousand-year Reich, the Soviet UnionWorldwide communism. And it is going beyond tragedy. It’s taking Europe and the west straight into hell. And these people are greasing the rails for it.

Am I being too extreme? Well, let’s see what happens this coming winter. The July 7th blog nailed what is going on now, and people are picking up on it. But it’s worse than that. It’s a forecast I hope I am wrong on.

No one would speak up. Those who did would be told, then forced to shut up.