Table: States Don’t Wait on Patients’ Rights

Published January 1, 2002
State Year Enacted Provisions
Alaska 1998 Ban on gag clauses, direct access, bans financial incentives
Arizona 2000 Grievance procedures, direct access, experimental treatment
Arkansas 1997 Inpatient care after childbirth, mastectomies, provider credentialing
California 1994 Information disclosure, emergency care services, appeals
Colorado 1997 Consumer grievance process, ER, prescription mandates
Connecticut 1997 Ban on gag clauses, grievance process, medical records, ER
Delaware 1998 Bans financial incentives, grievance process, network adequacy
Florida 1997 Ban on gag clauses, grievance process, data collection, direct access
Georgia 1996, 1999 Disclosure, grievances, confidentiality, independent appeals
Hawaii 1998 Ban on gag clauses, ER care, independent review
Idaho 1997 Direct access, emergency care, out-of-network providers
Illinois 1999 Ban on gag clauses, consumer assistance, emergency care, appeals
Indiana 1998 Ban on gag clauses, grievances, medical records, drug formularies
Iowa 1999 Disclosure, emergency care, independent appeals, report cards
Kansas 1997 Ban on gag clauses, grievance process, ER, direct access
Kentucky 1998, 2000 Grievance process, ER, medical records, direct access
Louisiana 1997 Consumer grievances, financial disincentives, quality assurance
Maine 1996, 2000 Disclosure, reporting, credential, ban gag clauses, ER, experimental treatment
Maryland 1995 Oversight of plans, certification standards
Massachusetts 2000 External review, ER, grievance process, mandated kids mental health services
Minnesota 1997 Ban on gag clauses, disclosure, ER, medical records
Mississippi 1995 Certification standards only
Missouri 1997 Ban gag clauses, data collection, direct access, ER, medical records
Montana 1997 ER, access, provider selection, ban gag clauses, premium rate restrictions
Nebraska 1998 Ban gag clauses, grievance process, ER, network adequacy
Nevada 1997 Ban gag clauses, disclosure, ER, financial disincentives
New Hampshire 1997 Consumer grievance, ban gag clauses, medical records, network adequacy
New Jersey 1997 Ban gag clauses, grievance process, financial incentives
New Mexico 1997, 1998 Ban gag clauses, grievance process, network adequacy
New York 1996 Disclosure, grievance process, direct access, quality of care
North Carolina 2001 Grievance process, Rx formulary
North Dakota 1999 Ban financial incentives, ER, whistleblower protections
Ohio 1997 Consumer grievance process, ER, network adequacy, genetic testing
Oklahoma 1997, 1999 Referrals, ER, ban gag clauses, quality of care, consumer grievances
Oregon 1995, 1997 Consumer grievances, ER, disclosure, network adequacy
Pennsylvania 1998 Ban gag clauses and financial incentives, consumer grievance
Rhode Island 1996 Certification, disclosure, confidentiality, ban gag clauses
South Carolina 1998 Ban gag clauses, disclosure
South Dakota 1999 Network adequacy, quality of care, ban gag clauses, register managed care plans
Tennessee 1998 OB/GYN access, eye care, network adequacy, formularies
Texas 1997 Ban gag clauses, consumer grievance, ER, quality of service
Vermont 1996 Annual review, disclosure, ban gag clauses, quality assurance
Virginia 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999 Appeals, emergency care, ban gag clauses, medical records
Washington 1996, 2000 Disclosure, ban gag clauses, consumer grievance, direct access
West Virginia 2001 Disclosure, financial incentives ban, second medical opinion, grievances
Wisconsin 1998 Emergency care, gag clauses, director certification, experimental treatment
Source: National Conference of State Legislatures