• Teacher Pay In Perspective

    Published March 2, 2023
    Opinion -
    Should we pay teachers more? Depends.
  • Second City Shambles

    Published February 22, 2023
    Opinion -
    The numbers are jaw-dropping. In 30 Chicago public schools, not a single student can read at grade level. In total, just 20% of third- through eighth-graders in the Windy City are proficient in reading and only 15% are proficient in math.
  • The Covid Lockdown Disaster: Three Years Later

    Published February 17, 2023
    Opinion -
    Beginning in March 2020, many bad decisions were made that will impact untold numbers of young people for the rest of their lives.
  • Pushback In The Culture Wars

    Published February 7, 2023
    Opinion -
    The country’s institutions are being decimated, but Gov. DeSantis and some state legislators are stepping up.
  • Education Freedom Is on the Move

    Published January 31, 2023
    Opinion -
    School choice is picking up steam nationwide, and 2023 promises to be a great year.
  • The Curricular Firing Squads

    Published January 26, 2023
    Opinion -
    As conflicts escalate over what students should learn, school choice is more important than ever. In October, a study released by the RAND Corporation revealed that just 23% of teachers maintain that one of the top three aims of civic education is “promoting knowledge of social, political, and civic institutions.” Instead, a majority of teachers feel that […]

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