Take Stock in America: Trump’s Way of Governing

Published February 1, 2018

Much has been written about President Trump’s first year in office. For some it was a pivotal battle in a war for the survival of this nation as a Republic and the principles upon which this nation was founded.  Others refuse to accept or believe that Trump is now president and accordingly refuse to recognize all that Trump has accomplished in his first year in office.

The premise of this article is to enable both friend and foe to correctly evaluate Trump/s first year in office.  It is my opinion that when the history books are written, Trump’s presidency will be one of achievement and a turning point in American history.

Trump shares characteristic of Churchill in movie, “Darkest Hour”

For those who are unfamiliar with the movie, Darkest Hour, is a gripping chronicle of Churchill, in mid-1940, combating the war machine of Nazi Germany overrunning the hapless, outnumbered, and timid countries of Western Europe (France, Belgium, and Holland) with looming threats to do so to the United Kingdom, while at the same time being undermined by the pacifists of his own government, Chamberlain and Halifax.  If you have not seen Darkest Hour, you have denied yourself the opportunity of seeing one of finest movies you have ever had the opportunity to view.

What I came away with, aside of the story of a great man leading a great country of brave citizens, is the characteristics of Churchill residing in the personality and qualities of Donald Trump.  Like Churchill, he is brash, unpredictable, unfiltered, feared, and irascible. Trump, like Churchill, is courageous, determined, unflinching, impatient, visionary and intolerant of foolish errands. Churchill, like Trump, cherished and relied on the common man as they did him.

The issues Churchill faced at the time of the setting of the movie; mad men attempting to dominate others in the world, weakness and cowardly leaders among his allies and political colleagues, a hostile press, and precious few resources. Does this sound familiar? Yet, Churchill soldiered on with his characteristic confidence and persuasive rhetoric, convincing his followers and the common man to do the right thing and be confident and brave as Trump is doing now doing, leaders both. While Churchill did not have access to the technology of twitter, he is famous for his constant stream of memorandum. Like Churchill too, Trump is winning the battle of accomplishments, not just language.

Why is it that many supposedly intelligent and successful individuals view the Trump presidency in an entirely different way from the way millions of other Americans see him?  For them, and those inhabiting the deep swamp who are intent on destroying Trump and his presidency, they envision this nation as part of a world under the auspices of the U.N., which does not jive with Trump’s American First agenda.

Trump skills as a businessman

For those who support Trump, it is their allegiance to this nation and their desire to preserve what liberties yet remain.  They approve of Trump firing back at the enemy and want the primacy of the people restored over their government, which is the hallmark of this nation and the most important gift we can leave to those who follow.

As a businessman, President Trump is using his skills to maximize the value of the country (his business) to its stockholders (citizens). He is expanding the country, making businesses more profitable, which in turn increases employment. Increased employment creates competition for the best employees, which, in turn, increases wages.

This departs from the usual role of politicians whose purpose is geared to promoting their chance of reelection. In the past, success was measured by tidbits thrown to the home-town electorate – money, roads and social programs, for it’s much easier to spend money than to create wealth. Unlike the Obama administration, which created “wealth” by printing new money, President Trump’s programs have sticking power, “sustainable” in the current vernacular.

Many of Trump’s accomplishments cost little or nothing. He has systematically removed the artificial boundaries established by over-regulation.  Regulations, however, are fondly embraced by the Left, under the guise of protecting the proletarians from exploitation by the bourgeoisie. Yet some of these working people (proletarians) are farmers and ranchers, who have been denied access to nearly a third of some western states by Obama’s presidential ukase. The regulatory process also bypasses most oversight from Congress, which, in turn, shields politicians from criticism and further delegates most of their authority to bureaucrats.

The CEO of a company is tasked with spending money wisely, that is, where there is a positive rate of return.  For example, the Left maintains that money is best spent on roads where the money mysteriously multiplies when passed from hand to hand. The Left’s unspoken reason for this spending is to bolster the public approval of politicians when observed that money is being spent in their home districts; however, reducing taxes in individuals and corporations is equivalent to “spending” money in a way to produce tangible returns – jobs, GDP, international sales and profits. Value is added at each step when raw materials are assembled into finished good or when ideas are assembled into intelligent products.

It is not only corporations and their executives who benefit from profitability, or the brokers who trade in their stocks, but the millions of Americans who rely on success in the stock market for their retirement savings. Those with 401K programs have seen their savings increase by over a third since President Trump took office. That, of course, means fewer people will be dependent on the largess of liberal government in the future.

Obama has been able to convince many Americans, assisted by the main stream media and liberal news sources, that the policies enacted during his eight years in office are now bearing fruit, that the Trump tax cuts were not the impetus for the economic growth now taking place.  But this faulty and delusional way of thinking will be short-lived, as the American begin to reap the economics benefits that are wedded to policies of the Trump administration.

Can’t Trump This 2017 – a guide to all Trump has accomplished in his first year

For those of you who need help in convincing your liberal friends, or those who remain on the fence, that President Trump is making America great again, Can’t Trump This 2017: Top Trump Wins & Epic Speeches by Ed Henry, President, Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, is meant to be read by all who believe in President Trump.  It is a handbook of what President Trump has accomplished for you to use on other people so they “Face the Fact” and get over their doubts and delusions, thus breaking the spell of those who refuse to believe that Trump not only won the election but governs.

As a Trump supporter you will also be invigorated with the knowledge that Trump’s first year in the West Wing 60 is impossible to Trump.


Not to be forgotten is that the American people make this nation great.  As patriots, it is our responsibility to support President Trump in his battle against those in the Swamp, the global elites, who wishing to keep the status quo, are attempting to dismantle Trump’s “America First” agenda to Make America Great Again.

[Originally Published at Illinois Review]