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Published August 1, 2001

ECN: If you were to recommend a short list of books, journals, articles, or Web sites on free market environmentalism, what would be on that list?

Taylor: The best Web site for information about junk science surrounding environmental issues is Steve Milloy’s junkscience.com. The best Web site to keep up with the scientific fight over global warming is Pat Michaels’ greeningearthsociety.org. Heartland’s Web site is probably the best one-stop shop for links to policy analyses on environment-related topics. Cato’s natural resource studies pages aren’t too shabby either!

Good books on environmental issues are legion. For the best book on the nonsense surrounding the global warming issue, check out The Satanic Gases by Pat Michaels and Robert Balling. For the best book on the issues surrounding air pollution, I recommend Indur Goklany’s Clearing the Air.

For environmental policy in general, I’d recommend Terry Anderson’s Free Market Environmentalism and Wilfred Beckerman’s Through Green Colored Glasses. For public lands-related issues, I like Karl Hess’ book Visions Upon the Land.

For generalized critiques of junk science, see anything by Steve Milloy and Michael Fumento. For a good book on how environmental and resource apocalypse is not upon us, the absolute best book is Julian Simon’s The State of Humanity.

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