Teacher Evaluations Produce Positive Effects for Students in Nation’s Capital

Published August 2, 2017

It turns out holding teachers to the same standards as employees in other professions works:

“A closer look at one high-stakes evaluation system, however, shows the positive consequences such systems can have for students. Since 2012, we have been studying IMPACT, a seminal effort by the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) to link teacher retention and pay to their performance. Under IMPACT, the district sets detailed standards for high-quality instruction, conducts multiple observations, assesses individual performance based on evidence of student progress, and retains and rewards teachers based on annual ratings. Looking across our analyses, we see that under IMPACT, DCPS has dramatically improved the quality of teaching in its schools—likely contributing to its status as the fastest-improving large urban school system in the United States as measured by the National Assessment of Educational Progress.”

Members of the nation’s teachers unions will be appalled to learn teachers are being treated like regular employees, and parents will rejoice at the results of doing so.

SOURCE: Educationnext.org


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