The DC swamp hates Trump because he represents the real America

Published June 28, 2022

If Trump is guilty of insurrection, why was it necessary to pack the January 6 Committee with Trump-haters?  The answer: Because Trump is an existential threat to the D.C. swamp!  Pelosi could not take a chance that the committee would hold fair hearings — forget 240 years of precedent for due process and fair participation by House members.

Ann Coulter, among others, says liberalism (the left) is a mental disease.  Actually, even if that is true, mentally deficient leftists see through their fog and understand that their most dangerous opposition is Trump; the Catholic Church in its traditional form (is the pope a Catholic?); Christians who practice real Christianity; the traditional family; market economics; and America as a constitutional republic; not a “democracy.”

Making Trump the focus of leftist hatred really means they hate traditional Americans who see Trump as their last best hope.  The left loves the D.C. swamp and its powerful tentacles throughout the country seeking to destroy America.

When you add up all the government entities around the country that are tied to D.C. funding and regulation, you have almost 20,000 state and local min-D.C.s and millions more government employees on top of federal employees.  “St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle against demons who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.  Cast them into Hell.”

January 6 committee chairman Benny Thompson believes that Trump-followers who testify in favor of Trump are guilty of insurrection.  Also, those who take the Fifth Amendment are guilty.  Why else would they plead the Fifth?  Never mind that guilt is not an inference you’re allowed to draw from taking the Fifth!


And of course, those who refuse to appear are guilty as well.  So when Trump adviser Peter Navarro sued the Committee as illegal and refused to appear, it was necessary for the chairman to call in the FBI dogs of war to arrest him, place him in chains, and hold him incommunicado without food, water, or access to a lawyer.  They did not torture him but the steps taken lead you to wonder about what Gestapo tactics may be planned for the future.

Image: The untouchable Ray Epps, fomenter of an “insurrection.”  Revolver News.

While we like to think of the Capitol building as a symbol of the good America, it actually represents a bad America when you consider all the terrible legislation that passes through those chambers — endless legislation that hurts the country, legislation that burdens citizens heavily and unnecessarily with taxes, legislation that regulates down to the size of your commode, legislation that employs tens of thousands of federal police to monitor and enforce beyond reasonable requirements.

So I ask whether the Capitol is a people’s monument or a swamp monument.  All the evidence suggests that it is a swamp monument parading as a people’s monument.  As such, we can do without it.  It has lost its once held vaunted respect.

The January 6 committee weaves a narrative that asks you to believe that all the visitors/rioters to the Capitol on January 6 represented a desecration of our monument to democracy (but we aren’t a democracy).  They would have you believe that the FBI or other federal police were not involved in creating the mess.

How will we resolve the issue encapsulated in Ray Epps and other possible provocateurs?  They would have you believe that those charged with trespassing misdemeanors and held in the D.C. torture chambers/jails for months are evil beyond belief.  They would have you believe that Trump plotted an attack on the Capitol.  They want you to believe that your representatives are courageous men and women in the face of insurrection.


I still wonder why not one member of Congress came out from under his desk to greet his constituents.  Any who did this would have been treated as a hero — just as Mike Pence would have been a hero and possible future president if he had moved the election to the House for resolution.

First published at American Thinker.