The Durham Report Exposes the Deep State

Published May 17, 2023

My notes for Heartland’s In the Tank podcast streaming LIVE on YouTube and Rumble at 1 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 18.

The New York Times and The Washington Post won Pulitzer Prizes for their “Russia Collusion” stories in 2018, stories based in lies. To directly quote the 2018-2019 Pulitzer Prize Board, these news agencies earned the awards, “For deeply sourced, relentlessly reported coverage in the public interest that dramatically furthered the nation’s understanding of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and its connections to the Trump campaign, the president-elect’s transition team and his eventual administration.”

The Durham Report exposed all of that to simply be false. There was no Russian interference in the 2016 election. There was no collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. There were no Russians directing Trump’s transition team and his administration. Disinformation, a purposeful lie, was weaponized against the right.

Rachel Maddow claimed Trump was an actual agent of Russia taking orders from Vladimir Putin. DO YOU REALIZE WHAT DAMAGE THAT LIE HAS DONE TO OUR SOCIETY? Maddow, along with many others, has lost all sense of duty to the truth, and the American people are paying the price.

Their sources were from the deep state; the very people who concocted the lie in the first place. And because the media also hated Trump, they went with it. THE DEEP STATE—directed by then-President Obama, then-Vice President Biden, James Comey, and John Brennan—were the sources. They had meetings about this. They hatched a plan to perpetuate the biggest fraud EVER on the American people. And it worked.

The next question would be why? Why did they abuse the offices that the American people held in high esteem? Why did they abuse the institutions that gave them any power at all?  Because the American people rejected Hillary Clinton, aka the next in line for the UNIPARTY. We rejected Clinton and elected an outsider, Donald Trump. We elected someone who could upend the apple cart the deep state had spent DECADES quietly moving down the path. Trump was a grave threat to not only their plans, but to exposing the whole gambit in a way President George W. Bush would NEVER have done.

Trump was not in on the plan, so he was not going to mouth platitudes of equity and social justice to keep the people distracted from the systems that are unaccountable to the people. Trump took steps using his presidential power to temporarily delay the grand plan—which is why the Biden administration is having to play catch-up for the four years they missed.

Trump was such a threat that it seems as if they risked their lives, and even prison, by committing crimes and abuses of power to destroy him and his presidency. In reality, they were not risking anything. All the people who committed these crimes against Trump and DEMOCRACY ITSELF, did not just get off scot-free … they were REWARDED with book deals, consulting jobs, slots as paid contributors on cable news channels, and other comfortable sinecures. The innocent, being outsider Donald Trump, was punished to the FULL EXTENT of the power of the federal government on empty “charges.” All the while, the guilty were celebrated by our media and continue to gloat with maximum smugness.

During his presidency, Trump did not actually declassify all of the information he said he would. He did not expose this clear abuse of power. The perpetrators of these crimes like to accuse the right as being an EXTANT THREAT to “our sacred democracy,” but they really mean the right is a threat to one of their UNIPARTY members being elected. That is one of my biggest disappointments about Trump as president, and there are not very many. Trump had the power to expose this, but he didn’t. What were they going to do to him worse than he actually experienced — and is still experiencing now?

Trump gets flak for destroying America’s “political norms” with his rhetoric and leadership style. What about the norms his enemies blew up? Over the course of Trump’s campaign and presidency they destroyed any trust in the law-enforcement institutions we’re supposed to rely on.

IS IT NORMAL for a Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton under Obama, to have ALL OF HER EMAILS on a personal server so they are not traceable? IS IT NORMAL for the FBI to set a trap for a decorated general to be set up by the very government that he dedicated his life to for doing his job as the National Security Advisor? IS IT NORMAL for the FBI—as noted in the Durham Report and congressional reports—to purposely lie to a secret foreign intelligence court to continue to ILLEGALLY spy on innocent American citizens?

IS IT NORMAL for all the people who committed these crimes to not worry for a second that they were in danger of being prosecuted? Did any of them, like the honorable General Flynn, have to sell their home to protect their children from threatened prosecution by our corrupt FBI? No.  

I could go on.

While I am glad the Durham Report is out, Durham didn’t take the steps to recommend anyone be charged with any crimes.

The release of this report just reminds me again that our federal government, and the people who abuse their power for their own aims, are not accountable to the law. If this fraud warrants zero accountability, then we are no longer free people with a government that operates at our consent. We are subjects of the ruling class, and there is apparently nothing we can do about it. In 2016, we tried to vote our way out of it—and the result was the corrupt persecution of the people we elected, along with the destruction of the rule of law, and the revelation that our system is completely broken.

I recall a TIME magazine piece about how our election was “fortified” by the left. They had legions of well-funded shock troops ready to take to the streets across the country if Trump won. It would have made the “Summer of Love” look as non-threatening as a Boy Scout Jamboree. But they were told by their funders to stand down. We got this. Biden is president. All is good … again.