The Education Industry

Published October 1, 1997

The Education Industry Report, from the St. Cloud, Minnesota-based Education Industry Publishing Group, provides a monthly update on news and emerging trends in six sectors of the $318 billion education industry: education management organizations, education products, education services, at-risk youth, post-secondary, and training and development. The Report is edited by John M. McLaughlin, one of the country’s leading authorities on the education industry. The Group’s Education Industry Index serves as a barometer of the industry’s ongoing performance, tracking the composite price movement of thirty publicly traded education companies.

In a report to clients earlier this year, Smith Barney, Inc.’s Gerald Odening was “bullish” on the education industry as parts of the market broke loose to the private for-profit sector. “The for-profit firms represent only a fraction of total public spending on education,” he observed, adding “we anticipate a continuing shift of public funds to private enterprise over the next five to 10 years.”