The Never-Ending Struggle to Simulate the West African Monsoon

Published May 8, 2014

“Even with state-of-the-art climate models the simulation of complex atmospheric systems, such as the West African Monsoon, is still subject to errors”… Read More

The Potential for Polychaetes to Cope with Ocean Acidification (6 May 2014)
“It appears that both plasticity and adaptation may be key to prevent species’ risk for extinction in the face of ongoing ocean acidification.” And so it would also appear that the potential for polychaetes and many other marine life forms to successfully cope with ocean acidification is indeed rather good… Read More

Coccolithophorid Responses to Ocean Warming and Acidification (6 May 2014)
The double whammy of atmospheric CO2 enrichment envisioned by the world’s climate alarmists (global warming and ocean acidification) is actually a double blessing to the world’s two most important bloom-forming coccolithophore species… Read More

CMIP5 Simulations of 20th-Century Pacific Northwest USA Climate (6 May 2014)
In terms of modeling both temperature and precipitation, which are the most basic of climatic parameters, it would appear that the CMIP5 GCMs are still a long, long way from satisfactorily doing what they were created to do… Read More

African Tropical Rainforest: Flexing Its Muscles in Times of Stress (7 May 2014)
“Paradoxically,” both “models and measurements have shown an increase in vegetation productivity and biomass of 0.3-0.4 Pg C/yr in the African humid tropics since the 1960s”… Read More

The Carbon Balance of a Southwest Alaska Thermokarst Lake Basin (7 May 2014)
Drainage of Arctic thermokarst lakes may create basins that “accumulate organic-rich peat,” where “these vegetated basins might be a persistent C sink that increases with warming”… Read More

Acidification of Polluted Estuaries: Is It Bad News for Shell Fish? (7 May 2014)
“Moderate acidosis (such as occurs during exposure to air, extreme salinities or elevated CO2 levels in the intertidal zone) may have a beneficial side-effect of protecting mitochondria against toxicity of metals”… Read More