The ‘Russia Collusion!’ Nonsense Employed to Smear a Republican by…Qatar

Published April 7, 2018

There are a great many ridiculous ancillary results of the Left-Media’s ridiculous “Russia Collusion!” assault on now-President Donald Trump.

Perhaps chief amongst them: If your political opponent is a Republican, the Left-Media will help you tie them up for months on end with charges of foreign “collusion” – with zero evidence whatsoever necessary to back the claim.

And why would any evidence be necessary? None has thus far been needed to knot up Trump for nearly two years and counting.

Almost as offensive to the Left-Media as Trump himself – is anyone who supports Trump. Behold Elliott Broidy – who had the audacity to like then-candidate Trump. And the ongoing audacity to like him still.

Broidy has the additional audacity to do business with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). And Qatar has some issues with the UAE. From July 2017:

Four Countries Cut Ties with Qatar over Terrorism ‘Support’: “Four Arab nations (Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE) cut diplomatic ties to Qatar on Monday over its relations with Iran and support of Islamist groups….”

Well , Qatar supporting these very bad people is…a little problematic. This Gulf State boycott – is their reaction to Qatar’s long-term support of these very bad people. From October 2014:

Qatar Is a U.S. Ally. They Also Knowingly Abet Terrorism. What’s Going On?

As an aside: Way to handle things, Barack Obama Administration. It appears everyone and their cousin knew about Qatar – and Team Obama did nothing. They were too busy handing Qatar-co-conspirator Iran $150 billion in the ridiculous nuclear arms “deal.”

So the Gulf States took it upon themselves to do something about Qatar – behold the boycott.

Qatar is feeling the pinch.

The Boycott of Qatar Is Hurting Its Enforcers: “Its government injected some $39bn into the Qatari economy from its reserves of $340bn, reckons Moody’s, a ratings agency. Last year other Gulf countries accounted for almost half of tourists toQatar. Arrivals from them have fallen by more than 70% since June. Hotel-occupancy rates were about 50% this summer, some ten percentage points less than a year ago. Trade has slumped.”

All the while, now-President Trump and Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman have grown increasingly close.

Trump Meets with Saudi Crown Prince ‘MBS’ to Push Arms Deals and Challenge to Iran

Oh look – President Trump cleaning up yet another Obama mess.

And Qatar is lashing out. Including at Trump-supporter Broidy.

And Qatar – just got caught.

Qatar Behind Hack on GOP Donor With Business Ties to Rival UAE, Lawyer Says: “The Qatari government has conducted wide-ranging cyber attack on a prominent Republican fundraiser and Trump ally, according to his legal representatives, who claim in a previously unreported letter to Qatari leaders that they have evidence Doha conducted a series of cyber attacks on U.S. citizens via agents stationed in Washington, D.C….

“‘We now possess irrefutable forensic evidence tying Qatar to this unlawful attack on, and espionage directed against, a prominent U.S. citizen within the territory of the United States,” Lee Wolosky, a lawyer from the legal team Boies Schiller Flexner, wrote to Qatari Emir Sheikh Meshal bin Hamad Al Thani. ‘We have made aware, or are in the process of making aware, relevant U.S. authorities, including U.S. counterintelligence authorities.'”

Oh: And included in the Qatar nonsense attack on Broidy – is some “Russia Collusion!” nonsense. Well…next-door nonsense. From the Qatar “Information Guide” website

Trump Donor Elliott Broidy Named in Ukraine Criminal Probe

Because Qatar has learned – what the U.S. Left-Media has taught them.

If they can allege anyone in Trump’s orbit is anywhere within Russia’s orbit – it will help their attack immensely.

No matter how ridiculous the charge is.

Broidy is rightly, reasonably responding.

Trump Fundraiser Elliott Broidy Sues Qatar Alleging Cyber Smear Campaign: “The fundraiser, Elliott Broidy, alleged that the Qatari government hacked his email accounts and, through U.S.-based lobbyists, leaked stolen and forged material to U.S. and foreign journalists.

“The move is Broidy’s counterpunch to a recent stream of negative news stories that have relied in part on the hacked emails to explore various individuals’ alleged efforts to exploit their access to Trump to affect foreign policy and peddle influence….

“He is framing the case as a ‘hostile intelligence operation’ undertaken by a foreign nation on U.S. territory against U.S. citizens – including himself and his wife, Robin Rosenzweig – who have charged that Qatar is a state sponsor of terrorism.

“The lawsuit lays bare how information warfare is not just waged between states but is used by states against individuals and has now invaded the murky world of American politics and political lobbying.”

Because it is difficult for Qatar to smear a boycotting nation – like the UAE or Saudi Arabia.

It is far easier to smear a U.S. citizen. Even on U.S. soil.

All of which is squid ink – extruded to obfuscate what Qatar is doing with Iran and Islamist terrorists.

To quote Cameron Crowe from his underrated flick Singles: “Desperation – it’s the world’s worst cologne.”

[Originally Published at RedState]