There’s No Prison Like Home

Published June 28, 2013

Finally, in far-off Whangarei, New Zealand, a 19-year-old man who was “sick of playing Xbox” while on home detention has been granted his wish to serve the rest of his sentence in jail.

Senior Constable Paul Nicholas, of Whangarei police, said the young man had served 10 months of an 11-month home detention term but with one month to go “had run out of Xbox games to play” so he rang police to say he was bored serving home detention, was sick of playing Xbox, and would rather serve the rest of his sentence in jail instead because he would breach the home detention to which he had been sentenced if he wasn’t picked up and taken to jail.

The man got his wish and, as of June 6, 2013, was reportedly in Ngawha Prison.

Source: Mike Dinsdale, “Man sick of playing Xbox on home detention asks for jail,” The Northern Advocate, June 6, 2013