This Is Indeed What Global Warming Looks Like

Published July 19, 2012

Every few months or so, global warming alarmists revise their talking points and march like lemmings off a cliff with a new media catch phrase. The Official Global Warming Theme of Summer 2012 is “This is what global warming looks like.” And by golly, the alarmists finally got it right.

Alarmists point to current wildfires, drought, and summer temperatures as illustrations of what global warming looks like. Unwittingly, they are correct. Sure, there are wildfires, drought, and hot temperatures this summer. But such is the case every summer. A look at objective scientific data, rather than sensationalist news coverage and alarmist cherry-picking, shows wildfires, drought, and high temperature records have all moderated as our planet continues its gradual emergence from the Little Ice Age.

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