This Is Your Legal System on Drugs . . .

Published February 1, 2012

A party in New Jersey cost a lot more than the young host expected. And uninvited guests will pay for it as well.

One of the invited guests was a former drug store employee who stole prescription Xanax while employed there and brought the drugs to the party. He then gave some to another guest, who immediately fell into a coma.

Other partygoers allegedly waited too long to call for medical help, though later they drove him to the hospital. He suffered permanent nerve damage that impaired his ability to walk and talk, his attorney said. “He stays at home now, trying to recuperate. He has been declared incompetent.”

He sued the pharmacy for failing to prevent the theft. He also sued other guests and the party host and his parents, who were away for the weekend. The case was settled recently for $4.1 million.

Source: Associated Press, “Saddle River man to receive $4.1M settlement following drug overdose,” December 23, 2011