Trump Trade Rep Lighthizer and Manchin: Support Grows for a Border Carbon Tax

Published May 9, 2022

Back in September, a few lonely Democrats were calling for a border carbon tax.  With a bill that was going nowhere fast. 

Democrats Propose Border Tax Based On Carbon Emissions

I became the first non-Democrat to join with them.  I did so in part – to hopefully head off a domestic carbon tax.  Which is ridiculous America Last policy – so of course it has garnered broad bipartisan support. 

We’re Comparatively the Planet’s Cleanest Country – Why the Bipartisan Push to Tax Our Carbon?

Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Propose Landmark Carbon Tax:

“A bipartisan group of lawmakers is introducing a landmark bill that would charge fossil fuel companies a tax for their carbon dioxide emissions.

“The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, announced by two Republicans and three Democratic members of the House on Tuesday, would charge $15 for each ton of carbon emitted into the air and would increase that fee by $10 every year afterward, in an effort to fight climate change.”

The Republican Carbon Tax Is Republican, Say Republicans

Carbon Tax: Idea Gains Steams Among Conservatives

I also endorsed the border carbon tax – because it comported completely with Donald Trump’s America First trade policies.

Trump Trade Principles to Mitigate the Climate Alarmists and Their Many Taxes:

“(I)t ain’t fair for our employees and employers to be the only people on the planet screwed by these ridiculous ‘climate change’ policies.

“But until we all wake up from this ‘climate change’ fever dream – if we ever do – we should at least not be the only people on the planet paying to destroy our economy.”

We remain the only country actually cutting our own economic throat in the name of “climate change.”

The Latest Round of Global Climate Lie ‘Pledges’ From International Polluters

Why Destroy Our Economy to Cut Emissions – When China and India Are Spewing Away?

Russia Is Ignoring Climate Change

Europe′s Shocking Failure to Act on Climate

Why add a domestic carbon tax to our funeral pyre?  Instead, let’s carbon tax the people lying – and not doing anything – about “climate change.”

Then, in February, this happened….

The Bipartisan Climate Solution:

“Momentum is building on both sides of the aisle to come up with a measure to penalize imports of high polluting goods, and lawmakers are taking a page out of former President Donald Trump’s book….

“‘It looks and feels a lot like Trump’s tariffs…’ Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) said.

“Republicans are eager to tackle competition with China, whose lax environmental standards often mean lower production prices, and create an ‘America-first’ climate policy. 

“‘Donald Trump should love it,’ (Republican) Sen. Kevin Cramer said.”

Which brings us to now: Guess who else loves the Trump Trade border carbon tax?  Trump’s Trade Representative. 

Lighthizer Backs Border Adjustment:

“Former President Donald Trump’s top trade adviser Robert Lighthizer is advocating for the idea of penalizing imports of high carbon-polluting goods from top emitting countries like China….

“‘When you let polluters sell in your market without a border adjustment you are losing U.S. jobs in the competing industries and essentially you are subsidizing the polluters. This makes no sense.’…”

And because Lighthizer gets it all the way…:

“Lighthizer said he is opposed to pairing any tariff or fee on imported goods with a corresponding domestic carbon price.”

Oh: And what about The Most Important Senator in the History of the World?  The key person to anything at all actually happening in DC (at least until after November’s election)?  He is also clambering aboard.

Manchin Eyes Tax on Carbon-Intensive Imports:

“Senator Joe Manchin and other lawmakers are weighing a border adjustment tax that would slap a levy on imports of carbon-intensive goods from countries with weaker climate policies as they work on a potential bipartisan energy and climate package.”

So what was in September a lonely idea from a few Democrats and yours truly?  Has now become the trade policy talk of the incredibly awful town that is DC.

So that’s something….

Photo by Carmen Rodriguez, Public Domain Mark 1.0.