Twitter Rally Sparks Common Core Debate (video)

Published April 16, 2013

Apropos of a Twitter rally around the hashtag #stopcommoncore today, Choice Media released a Common Core video debate between three experts on each side. View it in the video box at left. 

Common Core lists what K-12 kids must know in English and math. Forty-five states have chosen to replace their state standards with Common Core, and soon their state tests with national Common Core tests, which are funded exclusively by the federal government. Based on this and other concerns, last week the Republican National Committee released a resolution condemning Common Core, although Republican lawmakers have often supported it.

Common Core supporters quickly organized a counter rally around the hashtag #SupportTheCore. 

These online debates follow a public debate on the same topic in Columbus, Ohio on April 13. We will publish that video when it becomes available. Yours truly participated.

Image by Casa Fora do Eixo Minas.