Two Lucky People and the Friedman Foundation

Published December 1, 1998

Two Lucky People is Milton and Rose Friedman’s lively account of their lives, the people they knew, the work they shared, their involvement with world leaders, and their contribution to many of this century’s most important public policy issues. Together, they have experienced many of the major events that have shaped the history of the modern world, from the Great Depression to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The impact that the Friedmans have had on world affairs moves these memoirs beyond the merely personal to compelling reading for anyone interested in the history of twentieth-century ideas. Although the idea of school vouchers to enhance parental choice in education is only one of the many ideas discussed in the Friedmans’ book, it clearly is the one closest to their hearts.

“Rose and I feel so strongly about the importance of privatizing the school system that we have established the Milton & Rose D. Friedman Foundation with the sole mission of promoting public understanding and support of the measures necessary to achieve that objective,” said Milton Friedman.