U.N. Blackballs International Scientists from Climate Change Conference

Published December 4, 2007

(CHICAGO, Illinois – December 5, 2007) — The United Nations has rejected all attempts by a group of dissenting scientists seeking to present information at the climate change conference taking place in Bali, Indonesia.

The International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) has been denied the opportunity to present at panel discussions, side events, and exhibits; its members were denied press credentials. The group consists of distinguished scientists from Africa, Australia, India, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The scientists, citing pivotal evidence on climate change published in peer-reviewed journals, have expressed their opposition to the UN’s alarmist theory of anthropogenic global warming. As the debate on man-made global warming has been heating up, the UN has tried to freeze out the scientists and new evidence, summarily dismissing them with the claim “the science is settled.”

James M. Taylor, senior fellow for The Heartland Institute explained, “It is not surprising the UN has completely rejected dissenting voices. They have been doing this for years. The censorship of scientists is necessary to promote their political agenda. After the science reversed on the alarmist crowd, they claimed ‘the debate is over’ to serve their wealth redistribution agenda.”

Taylor continued, “For example, ICSC scientist Dr. Vincent Gray recently published Unsound Science by the IPCC, which proves the main claims by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are scientifically unsound. Dr. Gray is an expert reviewer for the IPCC and has submitted more than 1,800 comments on IPCC reports. He is an expert on the IPCC methodology and published Spinning the Climate.

“Dr. Gray is the last person the politicized UN wants speaking,” Taylor noted. “He single-handedly debunks the entire alarmist theory. And there are more than 600 Dr. Grays trying to be the voice of reason and science. All are being censored.”

Tayor said, “The ICSC scientists don’t agree with the pre-determined ‘Bali Mandate,’ so instead of discussion and debate, we get censorship. Until the UN rejects the politicization of climate change, their reports, protocols, and mandates aren’t worth reading–much less ratifying.”

The ICSC scientists will be available for advice and counsel in Bali, but they expect scientists to be ignored at the Bali conference.

Editors and reporters: For more information …

The ICSC scientists are staying at the Inna Putri Hotel in Bali, telephone +62 361 771 020

Alternatively, they may be reached for comment by email or possibly mobile phone:

Bryan Leyland (ICSC Team Leader)
+64 21 978 996
[email protected]

Christopher Monckton (Spokesman)
+44 798 063 4784
[email protected]

Vincent Gray (IPCC Expert Reviewer)
[email protected]

Greg Balle (Executive Director)
+64 21 250 5340
[email protected]

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