U.S. Governors Meeting at Yale Fuels Global Warming Alarmism

Published April 18, 2008

(Chicago, Ill. – April 18, 2008) On Friday, April 18, Yale University hosted a meeting of state governors calling for restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions.

According to James M. Taylor, senior fellow of environment policy at the Heartland Institute, such restrictions would be ruinous economically and would provide no beneficial effect to the environment.

The following comments can be attributed to James M. Taylor. For additional information, you can contact Taylor directly at 941/776-5690, email [email protected].

“The overtly political carnival at Yale University makes one wonder where the science is in this meeting.

“Yale University is blessed with such outstanding scholars as Professors Robert Mendelsohn and William Nordhaus, both of whom have concluded that the rash action advocated by these governors is unwise. Curiously, the promoters of this political event appear to have overlooked the contributions of such prestigious scholars.

“Temperatures have fallen over the past 10 years, yet in typically political fashion, alarmist governors from several states argue that people must act now to avert a crisis. If carbon dioxide emissions are causing such a crisis, why have global temperatures risen only 0.6 degrees Celsius in the past full century, and why have temperatures not risen at all since 1998?”

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