Using Witte against Vouchers

Published May 1, 2000

The Web site of the National Education Association features an April 1997 report called “The School Voucher Experiment in Milwaukee: Success or Failure?” The report holds up John F. Witte’s research as the only research worthy of consideration and concludes from his work that the voucher experiment was a failure.

Witte also is listed as “the official evaluator of the Milwaukee voucher plan” in a January 1999 NEA Issue Paper on “Private School Vouchers,” where his research is used to illustrate what the NEA calls “serious problems with vouchers.”

On the Web site of the American Federation of Teachers, a slide presentation titled “Witte Is Right–Greene and Peterson Are Wrong” compares Witte’s research–which found no achievement gains from vouchers–with that of Greene and Peterson –which document achievement gains.

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The NEA’s April 1997 report is available on its Web site at The January 1999 report is at The AFT slide presentation can be viewed at