Utah Teachers Union Sues to Prevent Public from Seeing Teachers’ Past Misconduct

Published July 12, 2017

Utah’s largest teachers union doesn’t want the public to know about its members’ bad behavior:

Utah’s largest teachers union is suing the state school board over a new website that allows the public to search a database of disciplinary actions taken against educators.

The lawsuit was filed Friday in 3rd District Court by the Utah Education Association, but it has not yet been formally served to the Utah Board of Education.

Kass Harstad, an attorney representing the union, said the key issue is the retroactive nature of the website, which launched in February after a November vote of the board but includes information dating back 10 years. The database does not specify misconduct, but it includes information on punishments received during that 10-year window of a teacher’s career.

I guess Harstad would prefer the website report preemptively on teacher misdeeds, rather than “retroactive” ones? Either way, it’s clear the teachers union has something to hide, and as usual, will fight shamelessly and selfishly to keep itself in power.

SOURCE: The Salt Lake Tribune


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