Vaccine Debt

Published February 1, 2005

Dear Editor:

Governor Blagojevich’s knee-jerk reaction that led to spending $2.5 million on unapproved flu vaccines from Europe appears to a waste of taxpayer dollars. (Hynes refuses to pay for vaccine, Feb. 1, 2005.) You can bet the ranch this bill will get paid, or every deal the governor wants to make to import European prescription drugs will be greeted with two thumbs down. Nobody wants to do business with a deadbeat.

This latest Springfield debacle demonstrates frightening disregard for fiscal responsibility and the public trust. I suggest a re-phrase of the old English proverb: “A fool and our tax dollars are soon parted.”

Conrad F. Meier
Columbia, MO

Editor: Conrad F. Meier ([email protected]) is a senior fellow for health care policy at The Heartland Institute in Chicago. He is also the editor emeritus of Health Care News.