Vouchers Open Doors for Private Schools

Published August 1, 1999

Florida’s voucher program will begin to open the doors of Nobel private schools to children who need a better education, said Jack Clegg, chairman and CEO of Nobel Learning Communities, Inc.

“The Florida program will allow us to bring quality education programs to children in need,” said Clegg. “It’s exactly the sort of opportunity we’ve been striving for.” He applauded Florida’s leadership role in the voucher movement.

Clegg also expressed his belief that vouchers would be more successful than charter schools in spurring reform and improvement in public schools. Vouchers, he said, allow a school to concentrate on education, and not on politics.

Nobel Learning Communities operates 11 schools in Florida and a total of 139 schools–preschools, elementary, and middle schools–in 13 states. The company has annual revenues in excess of $100 million.