Waukegan Charter School

Published July 21, 2008

With overcrowding, falling test scores, and increased levels of gang-related violence at Waukegan High, how can anyone concerned with the well-being and education of these students oppose the formation of a new charter school? (“All Not Keen on Waukegan Charter School,” July 21)

Opponents say a charter school will drain away needed funding and smart students, hurting the existing public school.

Before placing future blame on this potential solution, these opponents should examine how Waukegan High has already failed its students by allowing excessive violence and lackluster performance.

Need it be mentioned that per-pupil spending in public schools is currently greater than in existing charter schools? If anything, a charter school will take some financial pressure off of Waukegan high, not add to it.

William Gangware ([email protected]) is a legislative specialist intern for The Heartland Institute.