We the Reasonable Are Outnumbered – And Massively Outgunned

Published September 28, 2020

We the Reasonable – are sane Americans.

Who would like to live our lives largely unfettered by stupid government – and the more ridiculous members of the nation’s citizenry.

We would like to keep more of the money we earn.  Rather than have it taken from us by governments – that have an endless, unbroken record of wasting almost all of it…and abusing us for the privilege.

We would like to live our lives – without idiots murdering and assaulting us…and looting and burning our stuff.

We would like government – to stop these idiots from doing all of the above as soon after they start doing it as possible.

We would like government – to not instead take their side.

All of these requests and expectations – are eminently reasonable.  They simply are no longer recognized as such in the United States.

To the contrary.  America’s heavy artillery is all aligned against us – and aimed at us.

Big Government (including, especially Big Government Schools), Big Academia, Big Media, Big Hollywood – all have for decades portrayed We the Reasonable as all that is wrong with the US.  While insisting the most absurd abnormalities of man – are normal.

Then Big Tech exploded upon the scene.

Big Tech agrees with all of the absurdities of all the other Bigs – only more so.  And their market dominance and mass micro-messaging – makes the Bigs’ insanity orders-of-magnitude more all-encompassing and oppressive.

We the Reasonable – do not have an infinitesimal fraction of the arsenal the anti-America Bigs have.  Most especially that of the trillion-dollar Big Tech companies.

Outgunned – and outmanned.  After a half century of the Bigs injecting US with their poison – we are no longer a majority…silent or otherwise.

As a sort of last gasp – We the Reasonable managed to elect Donald Trump president.  (We did this – without winning the popular vote.)

We elected Trump – because Trump said We the Reasonable…are reasonable.  That what we want isn’t bizarre or outrageous – but the normal desires of normal people.

Abnormal people – loathe normal people.  What Trump says is true: The Idiocracy’s mindless rage at Trump – is really their mindless rage at us.

Of all the awfulness of all the Bigs – far and away the most oppressive and damaging comes from Big Tech.

And most unfortunately, Big Tech has usurped and now dominates what was once a promising, freedom-delivering entity: The Internet.  And Big Government has helped them do it.

When the World Wide Web first emerged as a thing – We the Reasonable saw an opportunity to end-run all the Bigs.  With the Internet, the oppressed everywhere had a glimmer of light in the dark.

For a little while.  Until Big Tech emerged – and formed its unholy alliance with Big Government:

“As brilliant as George Orwell was, something continuously struck me as incorrect as I read 1984.

“Orwell’s government – was extraordinarily competent in its totalitarian imposition of technological power.

“In Reality – no government in the history of man has ever been even remotely close to that competent.

“For Orwell’s Big Brother dystopia to become Reality – Big Government would need private sector help.

“Enter private sector Big Tech.

“Big Tech has delivered much of the technology Orwell envisioned….

“The ONLY way Big Government can impose Big Brother – is to partner with Big Tech.”

This unholy alliance – has worked to silence We the Reasonable on the Internet.

Big Government was looking to help Big Tech – before Big Tech was even big.

How Did Big Tech Get So Big? Massive Government Cronyism – Like Section 230

Section 230?:

“Section 230 generally provides immunity for website publishers from third-party content.”

The theory being: Big Tech would have so much third-party content – they couldn’t possibly police all of it.


Big Tech Monitors and Pulls ‘Fake News’ – So They Don’t Need Section 230:

“(But t)hese same Big Tech companies have – in other contexts – publicly dedicated themselves to doing the exact outside content monitoring and removal…they claim is impossible when defending their Section 230 cronyism….

“(W)hen it comes to what Big Tech and their Leftist cohorts deem ‘fake news’ – which nigh always ends up being conservative news – Big Tech has no problem monitoring and censoring its outside content.  And promises time and again to dedicate all the resources necessary to do so.”

So in the name of “fake news” – Big Tech is monitoring and removing third-party content.

Which they say they aren’t able to do – when defending their Section 230 Big Government cronyism.

Oh – and the content they’re removing…is content from We the Reasonable.

Viewpoint Discrimination with Algorithms

Leaked Google Video Fuels Conservative Claims of Political Bias from Tech Giants

Facebook ADMITS To Censoring Conservatives

33 Examples of Twitter’s Anti-Conservative Bias

Big Tech is removing content not on their asserted “fake news” grounds – but on ideological ones.

To the best of my knowledge, not a single post from four-plus years of the Trump-Russia-collusion actual-fake-news attempted coup – has ever been removed by Big Tech.

So Big Government’s Section 230 big cronyism for Big Tech – can go.  And absolutely should.

But that ain’t all that should happen.

Bad News for Silicon Valley: William Barr Is Taking Control of Antitrust Probes:

“Attorney General William Barr has spent months taking greater control of the Justice Department’s antitrust probes into the big tech companies, a development that could increase the peril for major players like Google and Facebook….

“Barr indicated during his confirmation hearing last year that antitrust would be one of his priorities.

“‘I think a lot of people wonder how such huge behemoths that now exist in Silicon Valley have taken shape under the nose of the antitrust enforcers,’ he told senators.”

An outstanding question.

More from Barr:

“Mr. (Bill) Barr said…(companies like Google) engaged in a ‘bait-and-switch’ in promising to be good stewards of the massive online public forum they control, only to end up picking sides.

“‘When they got that market power now they’re censoring views,’ he said. ‘We’re getting increasingly monolithic viewpoints being presented to the American people rather than robust debate.'”

We the Reasonable – already outnumbered and decidedly outgunned – agree.

Big Tech’s Big Government cronyism has gone on FAR too long.

It must be ended – before it ends the country.

[Originally posted on RedState]