Welcome, New Readers!

Published June 1, 2005

If this is your first issue of Budget & Tax News, you are probably one of the 8,300 mayors, village presidents, city council members, and village board members who have been added to the complimentary mailing list for Budget & Tax News. Our total circulation now stands at 18,400.

Budget & Tax News covers developments on Capitol Hill, in the states, and in cities and counties related to taxes, spending, and economic activity.

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, highway funding, subsidized sports stadiums, public employee pension funding, local utility taxes, state gasoline taxes, cigarette taxes, liquor taxes, tax incentives to major manufacturers or retailers, income taxes, property taxes, outsourcing of government services to private firms … developments in these and other areas of interest to elected officials and their constituents are regularly covered in the pages of Budget & Tax News.

We strive to make our coverage of these and other public policy issues interesting, educational, and entertaining.

Our goal is to inform readers of what is happening in these vital areas of public interest, with the aim of documenting through news stories how local, state, and federal governments can hold down spending and taxes, grow their economies, and give citizens good value for the taxes they pay.

Many of our articles are written by experts in the tax and budget fields. You will often find quoted in our articles respected economists, lawmakers, and taxpayer advocates who sometimes are overlooked by establishment news organizations.

We also report on research by some of the nation’s leading free-market thinkers and taxpayer advocacy groups. And you will occasionally find superb analysis or opinion pieces by top economists, tax analysts, and financial writers.

So welcome to Budget & Tax News, and thanks for reading. If you have questions or suggestions for stories you’d like to see covered in future issues, please feel free to drop me a line–I’m here for you. Enjoy!

Steve Stanek ([email protected]) is managing editor of Budget & Tax News.