Welcome, New Subscribers!

Published June 1, 2005

If this is your first issue of Health Care News, you are probably one of the 8,500 mayors, city council members, and county officials just added to the complimentary mailing list for Health Care News. Our total circulation now stands at 23,000.

For more than four years, Health Care News has served as the monthly outreach publication for free-market health care reform. Read widely by state and federal legislators, Health Care News seeks to report the latest news, raise questions, and track issues important to a broad spectrum of constituencies. We welcome our new local-level subscribers, who play an important role in the future of health care in America.

A growing number of doctors, economists, elected officials, policy experts, business owners, and nonprofit research organizations are calling for market-based policies to fix what ails the nation’s health care system. They have compassion for the poor, the ill, and the uninsured, but they observe how past government interventions often unintentionally caused rising health costs and dysfunction in private insurance markets.

This growing movement also rejects scare tactics, such as the popular claim of “45 million uninsured,” equating a lack of private health insurance with a lack of access to medical care, and anti-corporate rhetoric aimed at drug manufacturers and investor-owned hospitals.

Health Care News goes beyond the rhetoric and the repeated calls for Medicare/Medicaid reform in the daily headlines, to identify what states and cities, businesses and nonprofit organizations, hospitals and doctors, are doing to remedy the very real problems with those systems and health care in general today.

We have the top policy experts weighing in every month, bringing the research resources and expertise of their organizations to the pages of Health Care News.

Whether the health care issue is prescription drug prices, drug importation, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Medicare/Medicaid, the uninsured, obesity, chronic diseases, long-term care, assisted living–you’ll find it covered in Health Care News.

Please let me know if there are stories you would like to see in Health Care News. If it’s important to you, it’s important to me! Enjoy the newspaper … and please let me hear from you now and again! Thank you.


Susan Konig
Managing Editor
Health Care News
[email protected]