What’s The Deal With Global Warming? A CPAC Panel

Published March 9, 2014

Heartland Institute President Joseph Bast on Thursday moderated an excellent panel discussion about the current state of climate science at CPAC 2014. He was a great choice as moderator considering Heartland is known around the world (according toThe Economist magazine) as “the world’s most prominent think tank promoting skepticism about man-made climate change.”

The observable data continues to defy the climate models of the alarmist scientific community, while the “realist” scientists — who follow the data and adhere to the scientific method — are increasingly vindicated as the years pass.

That fact — and many others — are discussed by the distinguished CPAC panel:

Watch the discussion in the player above … and watch this space for news about Heartland’s next international conference on climate change, coming July 7-9 in Las Vegas!