Why Are Republicans Resurrecting Failed Green Energy Subsidies?

Published July 23, 2015

Thank goodness we last November gave the Republicans the Senate majority.

Who besides the GOP would resurrect government money for ridiculous “green” “energy” – which is neither green nor energy? To the tune of tens (if not hundreds) of billions of dollars more down the juice-less rat hole.

Oh yeah – every Democrat on the planet.

Senate May Revive Expired Green Energy Tax Subsidies

The Senate finance committee will be holding a markup hearing on expired tax subsidies members want to be revived for their constituents and campaign supporters, and this includes now defunct subsidies for green energy. 

A document released by the Joint Committee on Taxation last week details dozens of expired tax credits, including a number green energy tax credits for things like wind energy production, making biofuels and using electric vehicles….

Democrats and Republicans seem to be working together to retroactively hand out tax credits to green energy producers.

So not only will the Republicans resume the government money going forward – they’ll make good on the briefest of lapses we just thoroughly enjoyed.

Why is the only time there is bipartisanship in Washington – when both Parties are picking our pockets and then ridiculously wasting what they pilfer?

Seton Motley | Red State | RedState.com

Meanwhile, the Barack Obama Administration is – at least internationally – working on delivering us Less Government.

(World Trade Organization) WTO Negotiators Agree to Tariff Cuts on More IT Products

Hey Senate Republicans: When the Obama Administration is actually reducing government – while you’re growing it – just how far from the path have you strayed?

World trade negotiators seeking to eliminate tariffs on information technology (IT) products agreed over the weekend to expand the list of items covered. 

Participants said the 54 nations had struck a tentative deal to expand to about 200 the IT products on which tariffs would be dropped. The list had an annual trade value of some $1 trillion, the World Trade Organization said late on Saturday.

Who knew the WTO could actually serve a useful purpose – rather than only really well prepared lobster and prime rib?

This is actually a great way to get rid of a whole lot of domestic government – by negotiating away mirror international government.

If foreign governments are engaged in stupid policies that impact us – and with today’s global markets for…just about everything, just about all of them impact us – getting rid of theirs makes it easier to get rid of ours.

It certainly makes ours even less justifiable.

Europe a Green-Energy Basket Case

Instead of a model to emulate, Europe has become a model of what not to do.

Europe‘s Green Energy Industry Faces Collapse As Subsidies Are Cut

European countries are cutting back their solar subsidies to rein in energy costs and cut debt.

We have high energy costs – and HUGE debt. Why are we bringing back the non-green non-energy subsidies Europe is so rightly ending?

We should be doing what the President is doing – working with the world to shrink all our governments. And here’s another perfect way to do it:

(O)ur Farm Bill – which warps our market – has warped the world‘s as well….Other produce-producing nations saw our lattice-work panoply of tariffs and subsidies – and felt compelled to match them.  And then exceed them. 

Round and round we go.  Myriad nations outdo our government interference in the marketplace – so we outdo theirs.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  So what we now have is a global lattice-work panoply of tariffs and subsidies.  A thicket that grows ever thicker – as each next government tries to outdo the last.

The President should do what he just did with IT products – with farm products (and many, many others).

And Republicans should absolutely not bring back from the heinous-policy-grave the ridiculous “green” “energy” subsidies they so wisely, so recently let lapse.

We’ll close with something we thought we’d likely never say:

Hey Republicans: Watch what President Obama and Europe are doing – and emulate it.

[Originally published at Red State]