Will the Supreme Court Put an End to Blaine Amendments?

Published April 19, 2017

Blaine Amendments, found in several states’ constitutions and borne out of anti-Catholic bigotry, prohibit the use of tax dollars by religious institutions. They have been the basis of many arguments against education choice programs. Our friends at the Show-Me Institute explain how Blaine Amendments could soon become things of the past:

The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments on Wednesday in Trinity Lutheran v. Comer. The case involves Trinity Lutheran’s application to a state (Missouri) program that reimburses organizations for the purchase of recycled tires that are used to resurface playgrounds like the one at Trinity Lutheran’s school. [T]he church’s application was rejected on the grounds that Missouri’s Blaine Amendment does not allow the state to provide support to religious institutions.

A Supreme Court ruling rejecting Missouri’s Blaine Amendment would be a huge win for school choice advocates, taking away one more weapon in the anti-parent-choice arsenal. Michael McShane provides more details here and a compelling video explanation here.

SOURCE: The Show-Me Institute


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