Wind Power Mostly Hot Air

Published September 2, 2008

Dear Editor:

T. Boone Pickens has spent a great deal of time and money the past month trying to sell the American public on the virtues of wind energy. Mr. Pickens believes American consumers can significantly cut their foreign oil dependence via strategically placed windmills, and therefore the federal government should help finance his venture. (“Wind energy faces daunting challenges” August 31)

If Mr. Pickens is correct, and windmills can reduce foreign-oil dependency by a third, then those like Mr. Pickens would garner a hefty return on their investment in wind energy. Unfortunately, wind energy is haphazard at best, and Mr. Pickens know this. If he’s serious about wind technology, he should fund the project himself, and not force taxpayers to foot the cost for his risky scheme.

Zonia M. Pino ([email protected]) is a legislative specialist for The Heartland Institute.