Winter Wheat Yields in a Warmer Yangtze Delta Plain of China

Published February 21, 2013

How would they likely compare with the region’s winter wheat yields of today? Based on the results of this study, the net effect of several warmth-induced changes induces a mean grain yield increase of 16.3%… Read More


A Two-Millennia Record of the South American Summer Monsoon (19 Feb 2013)
Today’s temperatures over the North Atlantic Ocean are comparable to those experienced during the Medieval Warm Period, indicating there is nothing unusual or unnatural or unprecedented about today’s current level of warmth in this region… Read More

Field-Scale Impacts of Elevated CO2 on the World’s Major Crops (19 Feb 2013)
A new meta-analysis provides a good overview of the subject, determining that for an approximate 200-ppm increase in the air’s CO2 concentration (the mean enhancement employed in the studies they analyzed), water productivity was improved by 23% in the case of aboveground biomass production per unit of water lost to evapotranspiration, and by 27% in the case of aboveground yield produced per unit of water lost to evapotranspiration… Read More

The Little Ice Age in Antarctica: Conditions in the Ross Sea (19 Feb 2013)
Findings from a new study help to substantiate the fact that the LIA was indeed a global climatic event, which fact climate alarmists have long been hesitant to fully recognize… Read More

The Neoglacial Record of Montana’s Glacier National Park (20 Feb 2013)
What does it reveal about the nature of 20th-century global warming?… Read More

The Adaptive Capacity of Sea Urchin Embryos to Ocean Warming and Acidification (20 Feb 2013)
Can they cope with the challenge of the climate-alarmist-predicted two-parameter-alteration of their watery environment? Yes, in the concluding paragraph of this new paper the authors affirm that “the presence of tolerant genotypes, and the lack of a trade-off between tolerance to pH and tolerance to warming contribute to the potential of C. rodgersii to adapt to concurrent ocean warming and acidification, adding to the resilience of this ecologically important species in a changing ocean”… Read More

Fifteen Millennia of Climate Change in the Middle Reaches of China’s Yangtze River (20 Feb 2013)
How does the story told by the data compare with that of other studies of other areas? … and what is that story?… Read More