With Tens of Millions of Phone Records Grabbed – It’s the Government, Stupid

Published June 6, 2013

We’re all James Rosens, now.

The National Security Administration (NSA) has been forcing Verizon to turn over phone record data on millions of Americans.

Will the federal government use this unbelievably massive data grab against the American people they are supposed to serve – but instead increasingly lord over?

Let’s check the recent record.

Obama DOJ to Federal Judge: Let’s Keep This James Rosen Warrant Between Us, OK?

Gov’t Obtains Wide AP Phone Records in Probe

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) forces hundreds of millions of Americans to turn over just about the entirety of their financial data – and then uses it against those who oppose Leviathan government.

IRS: We Targeted Conservative, Tea Party Groups With Extra Scrutiny

IRS Accused of Leaking Confidential Tax Documents During Election

IRS Targeted Conservatives as Early as 2010

IRS Asked Leadership Institute About Former Interns’ Current Employers

IRS: ‘Please Detail the Content of Your Members’ Prayers.’

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) forces millions of Americans to reveal whom they support in elections – and then uses it against those who oppose Leviathan government.

Romney Donor VanderSloot: I Was Audited Twice by IRS, Once by DOL & Investigated by Senate Staffer

Megyn Kelly Examines Obama Team’s Targeting Romney Donors: Obama May ‘Name You And Shame You’

Multiple Romney Supporters Were Targeted by the IRS

Is Obama Closing GOP-Leaning Car Dealers?

Big Government advocates want the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATFE) to collect as much data as possible on lawful gun owners.  Will that be used against us?  Ask the residents of New York state.  The government handed over our gun data to the media – who then made interactive online maps of who owned guns.

We’ve been discussing all of this for a while.  And the Internet – the last free speech-free market Xanadu on the planet – has of course not escaped Sauron’s eye.

The Future of Government Power Grabs? Our Digital Data

Because Congress in many areas hasn’t yet addressed the gaping hole of protecting our data from Big Government, we are left exposed and subject to hay-yuge, illegal power grabs.

Like President Barack Obama’s illegal Network Neutrality order.  Which gives the government access to the Internet’s spine – and with it every website there is and all the data contained therein….

Like President Barack Obama’s illegal Cyber Security Executive Order.  The amount of data compiled in Cyber Security execution is massive – and Big Government wants at it:

Part of the reason lawmakers have not passed even voluntary cyber reforms is that businesses and many Republicans fear optional measures eventually could become mandatory.

The executive order did not allay those fears… (T)he Republican head of the House Homeland Security Committee expressed misgivings about the policy’s potential for mission creep.

Another “good start” towards ever growing Big Government grabs.

A privacy section in the documents outlines steps agencies must take to protect personal information while carrying out these activities. When private sector information is collected and shared with the government, concerns often arise that customer information will be exposed or abused.

Like the Obama Administration shutting down bailed out car company dealerships based upon campaign contribution data.  Like local governments in New York turning over for publication gun registration data.  Like then-President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton’s illegally obtained 900 FBI files getting him out of an impeachment conviction.

Despite this massive amount of evidence – and this is but a tiny bit of it – we have a political Party and an ideological movement demanding that we continue our ever growing capitulation to ever Big(ger) Government.

For them, these Leviathan lessons are apparently never learned.

[First published at Red State]