Yet Another Local Battle In The Media-Left’s War On Oil

Published October 31, 2017

Because the federal government has so grossly exceeded its Constitution-delimited authorities, we pay way more attention to national politics than the Founding Fathers intended or wanted.

They wanted the vast majority of governing to be done at the local level. Because it is the government most directly connected – and thereby accountable – to We the People. The Feds were supposed to defend our nation, its borders and…that’s about it.

But these massive role-usurpations aside – even when a political-policy dispute is national, much of its on-the-ground implication and implementation…is local. As with real wars, political wars’ over-arching decisions are made in far off capitals – but their battles are fought right in our backyards.

And so it is with the Media-Left’s ongoing War on Oil. They do not like petroleum for a whole host of reasons. They don’t like capitalism: Oil is its fuel. They don’t like individualism and independence: Oil powers one of individualism’s greatest emblems – the automobile. Which allows people, one-by-one, to escape the awfulness that is government mass transportation. They don’t like oil’s private sector independence from government – because unlike fake energies like wind and solar, no government money is necessary for oil to continue to survive and thrive.

So we are subjected to a national Media-Left War on Oil. But again – the battles are all local. Like the long-running freak opposition to the (now-thankfully-approved) Dakota Access Pipeline – in the snowy wilds of North Dakota. And, now, here:

“Behold Vancouver, Washington – and a tiny, ridiculous publication called The Columbian.

“Currently underway up there is a political campaign for a Commissioner seat on the Vancouver Port Authority. Shocker: The Columbian has endorsed the Democrat – Don Orange.

“Who, it seems…doesn’t even live in the district. And has some shady past financial dealings – including where he during a bankruptcy proceeding may very well have lied to the powers that be.

“Despite all of this, The Columbian happily endorsed Orange over Kris Greene. Of course. Because Orange is a Democrat, and Greene is a Republican.”


Shocker: A media outlet supports a Democrat over a Republican. Here’s some War on Oil news – that will be just as shocking:

“A crucial issue in this campaign – is a lease with the Port Authority for a prospective domestic oil export terminal for Vancouver Energy. Uh oh – OIL. The Port Authority holds sway over the oil terminal lease – while Washington state makes the determination on whether on not the terminal can actually begin being a terminal.

“Vancouver Energy initially signed the lease…in 2013. (Why it’s taking Washington state four years and counting to render its decision – is a whole other government issue.)

“Even if the state okays the terminal – the Port Authority can still vote to terminate the lease. Thus rendering the state’s decision- and the terminal – moot.

“The Port Authority is made up of three commissioners. Commissioner Brian Wolfe is for the lease – but he’s the one leaving, hence the Greene-Orange race. Commissioner Jerry Oliver is also for the lease. Commissioner Eric LaBrant is a nay.

“Which leaves the swing vote – to the winner of this race. Greene is for the lease. Orange is against. So – shocker – The Columbian endorsed Orange.”

As with all wars, the major players send supplies to their respective sides in their local battles. As with nigh all battles in the War on Oil – the anti-oil supply lines are way better financed and fortified. But note how The Columbian handles each.

Eyeing ‘Big Oil’s’ Influence on Greene’s Port Campaign: “With $225,000 in cash comes advice, oversight in Vancouver port commission race.”

Port of Vancouver Candidate Orange gets $290,000 of In-Kind Donations: “Statewide environmental group will provide staff, materials, other help.”

As with all things in the War on Oil, the media is thoroughly on the anti-oil side. Begin with the slanted “Eyeing ‘Big Oil’s’ Influence” – vs the un-tainted, enviromentalist-radical-free headline about the much more coin they delivered to the anti-oil Democrat.

Note the paper’s charge of “Big Oil’s” “oversight” – for which the paper almost certainly has zero actual evidence. While the paper describes the anti-oil bigger coin accompaniment benignly as “staff, materials, other help.”

Speaking of Leftist anti-oil outside help – meet Tom Steyer:

San Francisco Billionaire Tom Steyer Ranks at Top of Political Donors

Tom Steyer, Environmental Hypocrite: Made Fortune From (Energy) Sources ‘He Now Decries’

The Epic Hypocrisy of Tom Steyer: “But Steyer’s hypocrisy goes still deeper. Today, he is a bitter opponent of fossil fuels….That fits with his current economic interests….(his blocking traditional energy) will boost the value of his solar projects.”

The Columbian does mention Democrat Orange’s $290,000 lump sum comes from the group Washington Conservation Voters. What doesn’t the paper mention?

State Conservation Voters Group Gets $750,000 from California Billionaire: “Environmentalist California billionaire Tom Steyer is doubling down in the battle to control Washington’s Legislature, putting another $250,000 to a state ‘SuperPAC,’ which in turn has given $750,000 to Washington Conservation Voters.

“While bipartisan not long ago, the Seattle-based environmental group has become a campaign arm for the Democrats in this year’s election, pouring resources into key state Senate races.”

And now also into Vancouver, Washington Port Authority races.

A word-search for “Tom Steyer” on The Columbian article page reveals…ONE mention. Not in the article itself – but in a Comment thereon.

In which our intrepid Commenter makes fun of The Columbianfor leaving out Steyer – and all the blinding hypocrisies of Steyer, candidate Orange and the paper itself.

Vancouver, Washington’s Port Authority race has all the components and qualities of a local battle in the broader Media-Left’s War on Oil.

The massive outside anti-oil coin. The blinding hypocrisy of the anti-oil coin’s source(s). All backing a less-than-reasonable-or-honorable candidate – who is most likely merely a meat puppet for the coin’s source(s).

And, of course, a media obfuscating all of this – and more.

[Originally Published at RedState]