A Year of Climate Alarmism: Sliced, Diced, and Factually Impaled

Published January 5, 2024
In this new episode #92 of “Climate Change Roundtable,”  host Anthony Watts leads a thought-provoking discussion with Heartland experts H. Sterling Burnett, and Linnea Lueken.

This past year has been an unrelenting year of climate alarmism, yet when you look at what has actually happened compared to what was predicted, there’s a wide gap between the hype and the reality. From wildfires to record temperatures, when you examine the data, it isn’t alarming at all. Plus we’ll touch on the failures of Net-Zero and wind power, both of which took big hits this year.

And, like always, we’ll have Crazy Climate News of the week.Join us at Noon Central Time (1PM ET) Whether you’re a climate enthusiast, a policy expert, or just someone curious about the different facets of climate change discourse, this episode will enlighten you.