Attacks on Actual Temperature Data – The Climate Realism Show #113 (Guest: Tony Heller)

The Heartland Institute has issued a report exposing the US government’s official land-based temperature stations as hopelessly corrupt and compromised. The study, conducted by Heartland Senior Fellow Anthony Watts – an update on a previous examination of temperature stations in 2009 – was the subject of a hit-piece by Scott Waldman of E&E News and POLITICO titled “Climate denial group wants to subvert NOAA data with its own: The Heartland Institute seeks to build da nationwide network of temperature-monitoring stations.”

Well, yes we do. And we’re doing it because too many of NOAA’s historic stations are either captured by sprawl and the urban heat-island effect, in such terrible shape that they should not be relied upon for accurate data, or not even operable at all or broken – and in those cases, NOAA just makes a guess as to the temperature. That is problematic, to say the least, since temperature readings from these crappy stations is used to panic the American people, continually, by telling them that last week or this year was “the hottest ever” and that warming is happening dangerously fast.

The mystery is why the corrupt media is attacking the setting up of up state-of-the-art temperature stations with data that can be checked in real time. We will tackle this subject, as well as go over the Crazy Climate News of the Week. Tune in LIVE for the stream at 1 p.m. ET (noon CT) to watch the show and leave your own questions in the chat with host Jim Lakely, panelists H. Sterling Burnett and Linnea Lueken, and our special guest Tony Heller.