Climate Emergency Declaration? Here Come Climate Lockdowns – Climate Change Roundtable #75

President Joe Biden and the UN are likely to declare an “official” global climate emergency next week. All the signs are there. The chatter, and the behind the scenes maneuvering. The UN’s website now has a climate emergency page. Biden the other day stopped short, but when the new temperature numbers are issued on August 15by NOAA, that may be all the justification Biden needs. The “melting in Antarctica and the supposed subsequent sea level rise” will be another, and Lahaina in Maui burning to the ground will be cited as yet another.

If Biden declares a climate emergency, will climate lockdowns follow? History suggests “yes.” In a plausible scenario, we could see gas rationing, restrictions on electricity use, and limits on air travel. Enjoy steaks? Well, you can forget those.

But what is the truth about Antarctica ice and Maui fires? Tune in LIVE at noon CT on Friday, August 11 to find out. Host Anthony Watts and Heartland’s H. Sterling Burnett, Linnea Lueken, and Donald Kendal will discuss it all, and more.