CO2 Is Not a Pollutant: The Benefits of Rising CO2 (Guest: Will Happer)

Published December 13, 2022
Climate science is tragically politicized. For one, the tremendous benefits rising carbon dioxide concentrations (CO2) have on the earth is completely ignored. As CO2 levels increase, crop production follows suit in rich and poor nations alike. Alarmists have chosen to ignore this fact. They’d rather promote climate disaster stories built on computer models, not real-world data. Time and time again, the computer models have proven inadequate. Data on climate change indicates the world is becoming better for human civilization. The fact alarmists want to hide is this. CO2 is not a pollutant.
 Will Happer, physicist at the CO2 coalition, joins host H. Sterling Burnett to discuss the misinformation permeating throughout our society regarding the benefits of rising CO2. Unlike climate alarmists who push hypothetical disaster scenarios built on faulty computer models, Happer references real-world data to highlight the benefits of rising CO2 concentrations.