DEBATE! Millennials, TikTok Ban, and AI Dangers – In The Tank #440

Published March 14, 2024
The Heartland Institute’s Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, and Chris Talgo present episode 440 of the In The Tank Podcast. Debate is healthy. Conservatism is not a monolith of thought; disagreements are expected, especially on important topics. This week, we have gathers a few topics that should spark some debate amongst our panelists. These topics include: Millennials work ethic, the potential TikTok Ban, and the potential dangers posed by artificial intelligence. Join us as we discuss these issues and feel free to join in the conservation and voice your opinion.

PRIMARY TOPIC – DEBATE! Millennials, TikTok Ban, and AI Dangers

Millennial Work Ethic?
Yahoo – ‘We Busted Our Behinds’ — Boomer Whoopi Goldberg Bashes Millennial And Gen Z Work Ethics: ‘I’m Sorry, If You Only Want To Work 4 Hours, It’s Going To Be Harder For You To Get A House’
Fox Business – Gen Z attitude toward 9-to-5 job sparking debate about the difference in generational work ethics
TikTok Ban?
NYT – House Passes Bill to Force TikTok Sale From Chinese Owner or Ban the App
NPR – Why the House voted to ban TikTok and what could come next
The Hill – These Republicans voted against the Trump-opposed TikTok bill
A.I. Dangers?
Time – Exclusive: U.S. Must Move ‘Decisively’ to Avert ‘Extinction-Level’ Threat From AI, Government-Commissioned Report Says
CNN – AI could pose ‘extinction-level’ threat to humans and the US must intervene, State Dept.-commissioned report warns