NASA Engineer Tom Moser Reveals the Truth About Climate Science

Published May 2, 2023
On this podcast, former NASA engineer and program director for the space station Tom Moser gives a presentation to shed light on the science behind climate change. Drawing on his impressive credentials, including serving as Acting Associate Administrator for Spaceflight in Washington, D.C., Director of the Space Station Program, Deputy Manager of the Space Shuttle Orbiter, and Chief Engineer at the Johnson Space Center, Moser highlights the correlation between global temperatures and solar irradiance. He also delves into the disparity between real-world data and often reported climate models, which are used as the basis for governmental public policy, and how these models consistently overestimate temperature trends versus the real-world data. Moser exposes the propaganda in the climate science field and breaks down why media claims are often misleading. This informative presentation is not to be missed by anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of climate science.