This New Film Challenges the Climate Orthodoxy

Published October 16, 2023
Newsmax will soon air a prime time documentary titled “A Climate Conversation,” produced with the help of The Heartland Institute. Scheduled for Sunday, October 15th at 8 PM Central Time, this documentary cuts through the alarmist rhetoric and propaganda to address straightforward scientific questions. The film serves as a vital tool for reaching individuals who are skeptical of the climate alarmist narrative but have not yet heard the counter argument. While it is persuasive, it remains neither confrontational nor exaggerated. The data is enough.

Narrated by Colorado radio personality Kim Monson, the documentary adopts a balanced and scientific approach challenging the man-made climate change and its perceived implications for life on Earth. Within, viewers will recognize familiar faces, as well as long-time Heartland advisers and collaborators.

In episode 83 of “Climate Change Roundtable,” we will review the film with the producers and narrator. Our regular panel, consisting of Sterling Burnett, Linnea Lueken, and host Anthony Watts, will also join in the discussion.