Who Is Big Brother? A Reader’s Guide to George Orwell (Guest: D.J. Taylor)

Published July 9, 2024
Heartland’s Tim Benson is joined by award-winning novelist, critic, and biographer D.J. Taylor to discuss his new book, Who Is Big Brother? A Reader’s Guide to George Orwell. They discuss Orwell’s books, life and thought, including his conflicted relationship with religion to his competing anti-imperialism and fascination with empire. They also discuss Taylor’s recently released, completely overhauled biography, Orwell: The New Life.

Get the books here: https://yalebooks.yale.edu/book/9780300272987/who-is-big-brother/ & https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Orwell/D-J-Taylor/9781639364510

Show Notes:

The Critic: Andrew Doyle – “The making of a modern prophet”

First Things: John Wilson – “The Lure of Orwell”

The Guardian: Blake Morrison – “Orwell by DJ Taylor review – a very English socialist”

Law & Liberty: Theodore Dalrymple – “Orwell’s Arresting Ambiguities”

Literary Review: David Dwan – “An Unsociable Socialist”

The Spectator: Camilla Cassidy – “Will we ever know the real George Orwell?”

The Times: John Carey – “Orwell: The New Life by DJ Taylor review — great writer, terrible husband”

Wall Street Journal: Dominic Green – “‘Orwell’ Review: A Fresh Biography of Truth’s Champion”