Published October 5, 2023

 Q. Is climate change real? 

A. The Earth’s climate is always changing. Any assertion of a climate crisis, however, is a sham. 

 Q. What if you are wrong? 

A. If the science starts to turn, we can and will quickly react. In the meantime, climate alarmism is killing millions of people, impoverishing millions more, and imposing environmental devastation on the earth. We must put an end to that. 

 Q. Aren’t Republicans alienating young voters with their climate change position? 

A. First, I vote according to truth and principle, not pandering to certain voter blocks. Second, polls consistently rank climate change as voters’ least important issue, and polls consistently show voters aren’t willing to pay extra money for climate programs. 

 Q. Hurricane X [or whatever current weather event] is causing massive devastation. How can you still deny climate change? 

A. It is a scientific fact that most extreme weather events, such as hurricanes [or whatever extreme weather event], have become less frequent in recent decades during modest warming. Climate change may be reducing hurricane activity, but it can’t eliminate all hurricanes. 

 Q. Isn’t it wise to have an insurance policy against a climate catastrophe? 

A. An ‘insurance policy’ should not cost more than the harm it is insuring against. 

 Q. How can you disagree with the overwhelming majority of the world’s scientists? 

A. Exactly which survey of world scientists are you referring to? You can’t specify one because no such survey exists. The only surveys that ask scientists about how concerned they are – rather than just whether the earth is warming – show most scientists are not very concerned about climate change. 

 Q. Are you a climate denier? 

A: I am a climate realist. I defer to the physical science, not the political science.