Science, Philosophy and Inquiry on a Galactic Scale

Published July 5, 2018

In this frank, thoughtful, enlightening, and wide-ranging interview first published online by the Friends of Science Society in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Dr. Willie Soon addresses many of the most common climate change themes, including:

  • the health and welfare of polar bear populations;
  • natural climate change cycles;
  • sea-level rise;
  • “the Earth in the solar system in the galaxy in the universe;”
  • the importance of the Sun as a driving force of climate warming;
  • the Maunder Minimum sunspot period; and
  • the philosophy of science.

Soon concludes,

I have simply shared my humble but sincere premise that the search for the truth in science must prevail. No religious, social, political or philosophical convictions must be allowed to confuse, corrupt or deny the inherent beauty and purity and truth that subsist in the scientific method to which I have devoted and shall ever devote my life.

Dr. Willie Soon is an independent solar physicist at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics who has been studying the Sun and its influence on Earth’s climate for more than a quarter century. Grégoire Canlorbe is an independent journalist and vice president of the French Parti National-Libéral (“National-Liberal Party,” conservative, nationalist, and free-marketist).