Policy Brief: The Congressional Climate Solutions Caucus: A Leftist Betrayal of Republican Voters

Published October 4, 2018

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives belonging to the Climate Solutions Caucus purport to seek reasonable approaches for dealing with an alleged global warming crisis and to promote “economically viable” options to restrict carbon dioxide. The 86-member Caucus is composed of an equal number of Democrats and Republicans and its Republican co-founder is Florida Congressman Carlos Curbelo.

The actions taken by Curbelo since he first started to recruit Republicans for the Caucus reveal a bait-and-switch strategy regarding the Caucus’s stated principles. Curbelo and the organization that gave birth to the Caucus, the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL), promote costly carbon-dioxide (CO2) taxes that will raise energy prices, punish U.S. consumers, and stifle the national economy. Such carbon-dioxide taxes directly contradict the values of the voters who nominated and elected Republican members of Congress.

Republicans who join the Caucus not only harm America’s economic well-being, they also risk creating political backlash that endangers their own congressional seats.