The Leaflet: Watch Every Presentation from Heartland’s Climate Conference

Published August 21, 2014


Watch Every ICCC-9 ‘Skeptic’ Presentation at Heartland’s Climate Conference Archive Site

 A recent Washington Examiner article highlighted the broad impact of the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-9) and described how the event has launched a growing international network of activists opposed to the threats to our freedom, economy, and way of life posed by radical climate change alarmists.

The Ninth International Conference on Climate Change, which took place July 7–9, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, attracted some 650 scientists, economists, policy experts, and guests willing to debate how much impact man is having on climate change and if it is a problem worth addressing. You can now view every video presentation, download every PowerPoint presentation, and even grab just the audio of the speeches for listening on-the-go at the climate conferences archive site.

 The Heartland Institute – which publishes Environment & Climate News and other publications you may recognize – is happy to send an expert to your state to testify or brief your caucus, help organize an event in your state, or distribute further information on climate change or any other issue. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Logan Pike, Heartland’s government relations manager, at 312-377-4000 or [email protected]

Energy & Environment
Research & Commentary: DDT Bans

This Research & Commentary examines the banned pesticide known as DDT. Heartland Policy Analyst Taylor Smith finds the ban to be largely an over-reaction, and a deadly one at that. Smith writes, “The DDT case is another in which a government’s solution has proven more harmful than the problem it was meant to address. Millions of lives in underdeveloped countries should not be sacrificed because a few people in rich nations still believe DDT harms bird populations.” Read More 

A New Plan to Replace Obamacare 

In this Heartlander article, Heartland Senior Fellow Benjamin Domenech analyzes Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Avik Roy’s new plan, “The Universal Exchange Plan.” to replace Obamacare. Domenech writes, “Roy is outlining a plan that dramatically shifts Obamacare’s effects; eliminates the individual and employer mandates; essentially transforms the Medicaid expansion in favor of private coverage; repeals all but the Cadillac Tax of Obamacare; and shifts power and authority to the states.” Read More 

Digital Learning Makes Rewards Fun, Effective

Herbert Walberg and Joseph Bast, chairman and president, respectively, of The Heartland Institute, discuss the many benefits of digital learning, but also the obstacles it faces from achieving true education reform. Walberg and Bast highlight ALEC model legislation that would help legislators removing such obstacles and point out that NCSL also has endorsed the expansion of digital learning. Read More 


Budget & Tax
Research & Commentary: North Carolina Hotel Occupancy Taxes

Several counties in North Carolina are pushing to increase their hotel occupancy taxes up to the state maximum of 6 percent. In this Research & Commentary, Heartland Senior Policy Analyst Matthew Glans writes, “Encouraging tourism is not an appropriate use of tax dollars, and more importantly, increasing occupancy taxes can harm the overall economy.” Read More 

Maryland Rules Uber Common Carrier – Will FCC Agree?

The Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) ruled Uber is a common carrier subject to its regulatory jurisdiction. Uber and Lyft are online transportation network companies and members of the Internet Association. In this Heartlander article, Policy Advisor Scott Cleland writes, “This PSC precedent has big relevance and implications for the FCC’s high profile redo of its Open Internet Order.” Read More


From Our Free-Market Friends
SSDI Program Growth Will Continue Unless Fundamental Reforms Are Implemented

In a testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance, American Enterprise Institute Adjunct Scholar Richard Burkhauser discusses the many issues with the Social Security Disability Insurance program and ways for reform. “Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the employment of those with disabilities has declined and their household income has remained flat.” Read More




The August issue of Environment & Climate News reports on the success of the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change, held in Las Vegas on July 7–9 and themed “Don’t Just Wonder About Global Warming, Understand It.” More than 600 participants gathered to hear 64 speakers from 12 countries; at one point 4,000 individuals were listening to the conference as it was streamed live.


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