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Greg Forster: Command and Control Education Reform

SRN PODCAST - Reformers take many approaches, says Greg Forster of the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, and among the most dangerous is misusing science in pursuit of political power. He talks with SRN Managing Editor Joy Pullmann about two blog posts outlining his thoughts about this form of intellectual corruption and its implications for education policy and American culture.

John Stephenson: States' Onerous Taxes on Internet and Telecom Services (PT 1 of 2)

ITTN PODCAST - John Stephenson, director of the Telecommunications and Information Technology Task Force at the American Legislative Exchange Council, speaks with Infotech & Telecom News Managing Editor Bruce Edward Walker on his essay, "States Target Internet and Telecom for Exorbitant Taxes."

Andrew Gelman: Is it Rational to Vote?

FIRE Podcast: Is it rational to vote? Many economists say no - this week's guest on the FIRE podcast says yes. Andrew Gelman is a professor of statistics and political science and is director of the Applied Statistics Center at Columbia University, and has written several papers on the rationality of voting. On this week's FIRE podcast, Gelman talks with host Arin Greenwood about when and why it can make sense to vote.

Naomi Schaefer Riley : Is It Time to End Professor Tenure?

SRN PODCAST - Author Naomi Schaefer Riley thinks universities should stop giving professors tenure, and makes her case to Managing Editor Joy Pullmann. The two discuss academic bloat, government subsidies, and the idea of "college for all," as well as how professor tenure exacerbates the worst tendencies of academia.

Seton Motley: Network Neutrality Debate

ITTN PODCAST - Seton Motley speaks with Bruce Edward Walker, managing editor of Infotech and Telecom News, regarding recent developments in the network neutrality debate, including the recent announcement that Dutch telecommunications company KPN has raised prices across the board subsequent to the Netherlands adopting strict net neutrality regulations.

Eric O'Keefe: Health Care Compact

HCN PODCAST - Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by Eric O’Keefe to discuss the Health Care Compact, Medicaid and Medicare reform and the financial danger posed by unfunded liabilities.
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