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Mary Tillotson: The World of Education Reporting

SRN PODCAST - More education outlets are setting up shop across the country. Mary Tillotson, education reporter for Watchdog.org, talks about her experiences opening a new education bureau, why education reporting has to be different in every state, why education reporting often seems slanted liberal, and what she's learned about education in the past several months.

Dan Alban: Federal Court Slaps Down IRS . . . and Big Tax Preparers

BTN PODCAST - In another example of big business aligning itself with big government, the nation's largest tax preparer firms and tax software companies worked with the Internal Revenue Service to impose a burdensome licensing scheme on hundreds of thousands of professional tax preparers, many of whom are small mom-and-pop operators. But the District of Columbia Appeals Court has upheld a lower-court ruling against the move and the crony capitalism that was behind it. Attorney Dan Alban of the Institute for Justice was the lead attorney for the victorious plaintiffs, and he joins us to explain the case and why it's a victory not just for tax preparers but for taxpayers as well.

Kyle Pomerlau: US Hurt By Having Some of the Industrialized World's Highest Taxes

BTN PODCAST - The Tax Foundation has recently released separate reports showing the United States has the sixth-highest effective capital gains tax and the highest effective corporate tax in the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, which includes dozens of major economies and U.S. trade partners. These high taxes hurt U.S. workers and businesses and drive jobs and investment overseas, says Kyle Pomerlau, one of the study authors.

Isaac Orr: Hydraulic Fracturing

ECN PODCAST - Research fellow for energy and environment policy, Isaac Orr, gives a basic primer of hydraulic fracturing.

Barry Garelick: The Math Wars from a Teacher's Eyes

SRN PODCAST - The debate over how to teach math has raged since U.S. math achievement took a slide. Barry Garelick learned of this when doing some research for a senator, and determined to enter a classroom when he retired to try to bring his love of math to more kids. He has chronicled his journey there in a new book, "Letters from John Dewey/Letters from Huck Finn." He joins the podcast to discuss his book, ed school "groupthink", and why so many in education are interpreting Common Core to mean fuzzy math.

Francis Cianfrocca: The Economist Who Predicted Obamacare’s Hit to Jobs

HCN PODCAST - Francis Cianfrocca discusses Janet Yellen’s first trip to Capitol Hill as head of the Fed, the economist who predicted CBO’s Obamacare job loss numbers and if we are doomed to become Europe.
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